Perfusion Life Newsletter – August 2023

Have you downloaded the Perfusion Life app yet? It’s the ultimate tool designed to make finding new opportunities easier. With our app, you will be: Currently, many CCP’s in our community are using the app to store their credentials so that they can stay organized and track expiration dates. This allows you to be ready…

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The Perfusion Life Vendor Partner Program

What is the Perfusion Life Vendor Partner Program? The Vendor Partner Program was designed to help you get your products out in front of potential customers in a productive and low cost way! Perfusion Life has a network of over 1,400 perfusionists and is growing everyday. Wouldn’t you love to get your product in front…

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Welcome to 2022: Introducing the Perfusion Life blog! 1.4.22

2022 is a big year for Perfusion Life! We have added two additional full time employees: Luke Boganny and Kenneth Ingersoll. In turn, we have created this blog to share useful information to anyone in Perfusion that currently travels or is thinking about traveling. Feel free to reach out to either of them with any…

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