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We're always on the lookout for manufacturers that share PerfusionLife's values.  We warmly welcome the following manufacturers to the PerfusionLife family.


HemoSonics is revolutionizing perioperative bleeding management by bringing you the Quantra® Hemostasis Analyzer - the next-generation POC viscoelastic assay based on innovative ultrasound technology. When time is critical, the Quantra system offers rapid, accurate, and easy to interpret whole-blood coagulation results, facilitating communication with the surgeon and helping clinicians make quick and informed treatment decisions right in the operating room.

At Terumo Cardiovascular we develop, manufacture, and distribute medical devices for cardiac and vascular surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass and intra-operative monitoring. Through collaboration with clinicians worldwide, we work to solve problems, streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes in the cardiac OR.


SurgiSLUSH™ programmable freezers auto-produce & auto-maintain smooth slush outside the sterile field in sealed, 24-hour sterile containers. No distracting O.R. labor or attention. Pre-made, smooth, ready & protected. Hi-tech, reusable hydrophobic containers repeatably produce auto-smooth slush, reduce waste and free up valuable sterile space. Sealed containers confirm sterility prior to every use. Spend less, get more with modern slush.


The Eight Medical Recirculator 8.0 for Intraperitoneal and Intrathoracic Hyperthermia (IPH/ITH) is mobile and easy to use with a self-contained, disposable reservoir (no water-bath) maximizing safety in the Operating Room.


Essential Pharmaceuticals has served the transplant community with its products, service, and contributions to transplant medicine. Custodiol HTK has also provided unmatched myocardial protection for cardiac surgery since 2006.


LivaNova PLC is a global medical technology and innovation company built on nearly five decades of experience and a relentless commitment to provide hope for patients and their families through innovative medical technologies, delivering life-changing improvements for both the Head and Heart. Headquartered in London, LivaNova employs approximately 3,000 employees and has a presence in more than 100 countries for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems worldwide. For more information, please visit www.livanova.com.


Spyder Medical is dedicated to improving upon the cardiovascular landscape through the provision of quality, innovative surgical medical devices. Moreover, the company is committed to partnering with clinicians to further advance surgical techniques by identifying and materializing improvements over the tools of the trade.

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