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We're always on the lookout for manufacturers that share PerfusionLife's values.  We warmly welcome the following manufacturers to the PerfusionLife family.


Spyder Medical is dedicated to improving upon the cardiovascular landscape through the provision of quality, innovative surgical medical devices. Moreover, the company is committed to partnering with clinicians to further advance surgical techniques by identifying and materializing improvements over the tools of the trade.

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Perfusion Life connects qualified perfusionists with hospitals and groups worldwide who are seeking to fill full-time, part-time and relief positions.


SurgiSLUSH™ programmable freezers auto-produce & auto-maintain smooth slush outside the sterile field in sealed, 24-hour sterile containers. No distracting O.R. labor or attention. Pre-made, smooth, ready & protected. Hi-tech, reusable hydrophobic containers repeatably produce auto-smooth slush, reduce waste and free up valuable sterile space. Sealed containers confirm sterility prior to every use. Spend less, get more with modern slush.

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