The Perfusion Life Team


Adam Clark, MBA - President & Owner

Adam graduated from The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Perfusion Science in Dec of 1991. He immediately started his Perfusion career at The University of Maryland Medical center, where he worked for 2 years. After that, he returned to Johns Hopkins Hospital (1993-2000), where he became the Chief Perfusionist and Program Director of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Perfusion Science in 1996.  Interested in personal growth, he obtained his MBA in 2000 from Loyola College. Combining his business education and clinical experience, he decided to join the Sorin group (now LivaNova) as a Sales Representative. He would stay there until 2016 earning many awards and growing his territory over 100%. In 2016 he decided to explore the entrepreneurial life-style, and joined C3 solutions (a perfusion relief company) as a partner. After a year, he decided to part ways and focus heavily on his vision of branding and company structure, thus creating Perfusion Life in September 2017.

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Todd Clark, BSBA - Vice President of Operations

Todd graduated (May 2018) with a bachelors degree in Business Management at Western Carolina University, and joined the Team in May of 2018. His responsibilities include invoicing, billing, finance, and social media marketing. 

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Luke Boganny, CCP - Director of Account Management

Luke Boganny, a native of Charleston, SC received his bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Guilford College. He became drawn to the healthcare field and in 2009 enrolled in the Perfusion Program at MUSC. Luke graduated from MUSC in 2011 and began his journey as a perfusionist in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Mercy Hospital. He worked throughout Arkansas as a staff perfusionist. In 2015, Luke was recruited by Asheville Heart to be Chief of their Perfusion program. Luke remained as Chief for 5 years at Asheville Heart. Luke made the leap and joined Perfusion Life in 2020 seeking a better work/life balance. Luke has worked all over the country as a staff perfusionist. He looks forward to continuing to travel and work with hospitals all over the country in his new position as Director of Field Operations. He enjoys traveling but is always happy to go home to his wife and three sons.

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Carolyn Bilyak, MS - Director of Administration

Carolyn graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Sports Medicine in December, 1992.  She spent 10 years helping to manage a small family home building business before transitioning to a career in the pharmaceutical marketing industry as a financial coordinator. She grew that role to include assuming responsibility for our clients' marketing compliance and TOV reporting. Within 5 years, Carolyn was promoted to Compliance Manager and was responsible for global pharmaceutical accounts. She is an experienced Compliance Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Skilled in Reporting, TOV, Budgeting, Event Management, and Management.   
In January 2021, Carolyn joined the Perfusion Life team as their Credentialing Specialist. She enjoys assisting Clinical Perfusionists and hospitals with the onboarding process to ensure a successful venture.

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Ken Ingersoll - Director of Quality Improvement/ Account Manager

Ken graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2010.  He worked at University of Virginia Medical Center before settling into the hustle and bustle of NYC at the Columbia campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital for several years.  The opportunity to return to MUSC in Charleston, SC presented itself and so he returned to MUSC in the spring of 2013.  Seeking a more quiet lifestyle, the decision was made to leave MUSC in 2020 and move to the upstate of South Carolina at AnMed Health.  Ken began to gain an interest in an alternative to the traditional clinical lifestyle after working with Adam and Todd during planning process of the South Carolina Perfusion Symposium in the summer of 2021.  In the time that followed,  the decision was made to join the Perfusion Life full time as a Field Operation Specialist starting in 2022!

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Sam Clark - Director of Digital Media

Sam achieved a certificate in Audio engineering June 2018. After a year of hosting his own radio talk show, and a brief wrestling career, he joined the Perfusion Life team in June of 2020. Sam has been in charge of directing and editing all of Perfusion Life’s media content. The content has ranged from social media clips to our Perfusion Rockstar interviews.

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Merritt Manning - Data Analyst

Merritt graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing from the Art Institute, and joined the team in 2021. His responsibilities include invoicing, billing, and data management. 

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Emily Childress - Credentialing Specialist

Emily graduated with a Sociology degree from University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and has had an interest in various cultures and traveling since her first overseas trip in High School. In 2007, she relocated to Raleigh for a new position and has since called it home. She has over 5 years experience working directly with Pharmaceutical clients ranging from third party meeting support, large event planning, onsite placement services, reconciliation, budget and project management, and reporting. Emily joined the Perfusion Life team in September 2022 as a Credentialing Specialist.

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