How it Works

Here's how the Perfusion Life system works.

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Simplifying Perfusion Staffing

We collect perfusionists' qualifications and preferences, and gather opportunities from hospitals, medical groups, and vendors. We then present opportunities to qualifying perfusionists.  If the perfusionist decides to pursue the opportunity, the two parties are connected.

  • Perfusionists Register

    Perfusionists create a profile outlining their professional and geographic preferences.  No commitment, no obligation.  We'll never share your information without your permission.

  • Hospitals, Groups, and Vendors Share Opportunities

    Hospitals, medical groups, and vendors sign up and share full-time and relief requirements.  We review our database for perfusionists whose preferences and qualifications match the opportunity.  

  • Finding a Match

    We share matching opportunities with qualifying perfusionists.  Perfusionists decide whether to pursue the opportunity, and are never under any obligation to share their information.  If the perfusionist would like to explore further, we connect them with the hospital or medical group.

  • Service Agreements with Perfusion Life Clients (Hospitals, Groups, or Vendors)

    Perfusion Life Clients may enter into a Relief Service & Placement Agreement with Perfusion Life, LLC.  These agreements have no minimum obligation, and only require payment if service is provided.  

    The Placement Section of the Agreement allows the Client to utilize Perfusion Life as a "head-hunter" service, and only pays if a candidate is placed.  The Relief Section of the Agreement allows the Client to utilize the Perfusion Life perfusion relief pool for relief staffing (maternity leave, vacation relief, or any planned or unplanned perfusion staffing shortage).   Again, payments are only made if service is provided.

    Perfusion Life does not engage in traditional full time contract perfusion services.


Reach out to us to learn more about how this process works.

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